The Science of
Ernests Mind

A documentary on the life of Ernest Holmes,
founder of “The Science of Mind”

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Who was Ernest Holmes?

Ernest Holmes founded the science of mind. a new thought philosophy synthesized in the 1920’s and 30’s that integrated the mystical teachings of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam with what we know today as quantum physics.

Our project

Our documentary illuminates Dr. Holmes, the man, and shares with people with a philosophy that has the potential to transform our lives and create a better world for all of us through it’s simple wisdom and timeless principles.

What will it take?

Supporting our IndieGoGo project will enable us to share what inspired Ernest and how his philosophy came to be. By learning more about Ernest and how he developed as a teacher and healer, we can gain insight into this knowledgeable, clever, witty, fun loving man who enjoyed life to the fullest.