REV. DR. ERNEST HOLMES: Founder & creator and healer of the Religious Science philosophy. Played by: Rev. Dr. Jay Scott Neale, founder of the Tri City Religious Center, Newark CA.

HAZEL HOLMES: Wife of Ernest Holmes from 1927 until her passing in 1957. She was a healer and practitioner. Played by: Rev. Karyl Huntley, Senior Minister Golden Gate CSL, Corte Madera, CA.

REV. DR. MARILYN (ARMOR) LEO: Eldest daughter of the Armor family who lived next door to the Holmes family and interacted daily. She is presently an historian and archivist for the Religious Science movement. She and her father, Reg Armor, have written several books about Ernest. Played by: herself.

REV. DR. REGINALD C. ARMOR: Met Ernest Holmes when he was 12 and remained his closest friend and colleague throughout both their lives. Played by: Jerry Hass Golden Gate CSL member

REV. DR. FENWICKE HOLMES: One of Ernest’s 7 living brothers. He was a Congregational minister with a church in Venice California. He, along with his mother Anna Holmes, attracted Ernest to southern California. Played by: Frank Lang Golden Gate CSL member.

REV. DR. WILLIAM H.D. HORNADAY: He became a minister in the 1950’s. He took the Wiltern Theater congregation, and created and built Founder’s Church in Los Angeles. He was the only senior minister at Founder’s until his death in 1992. Played by: Rev. Brent Davis Golden Gate CSL member.

REV. DR. RICHARD LEO: As a young man, just out of the navy, he became a close friend of Ernest, often acting as chauffer on trips. Played by: Jay Gustafson Golden Gate CSL member.

ROBERT STACK: Was an actor and close family friend His mother attended school with Hazel Holmes and Adela Rogers St. Johns. Played by: Attorney Ronald H. Rouda a Golden Gate CSL member.

ADELA ROGERS ST. JOHNS: Journalist and author. Attended school with Hazel Holmes and was a very dear friend of the Holmes family. Played by: Barbara Paris. Golden Gate CSL member.


RICHARD FROEBER: Musical Director for Ernest in Beverly Hills, CA. turning his poems into songs. He stayed with the Beverly Hills Church of Religious Science for 26 years. Played by: himself.

REV. JAMES POTTENGER: After an automobile accident, his mother sought Holmes for treatment when doctors had given up. He was healed and became a minister and protégé of Holmes. Played by: himself.

CAY THOMPSON: Her mother was a student of Holmes and held classes in her home with Ernest teaching during a visit to Florida. Played by: herself.